Longer and thicker hair instantly with no risk of damage

Unfortunately, not everyone was given thick and strong hair by nature. This combination is really a rarity, but there is no need for despair. The Clip in hair extensions method is affordable and very gentle to your hair. How exactly does the Clip in method work?

How does the Clip in method work?

There are various permanent hair extensions methods on the market. The application of such extensions requires either high temperatures or the use of special tape, etc. Clip in hair, as the name suggests, holds on your hair with the help of special clips, which are sewn from the inside of each hair weft. These clips are flat, rounded and have a silicone strip that prevents slipping. Thanks to this very simple principle, you can clip your hair extensions in without any help. You will save time and money spent in hairstylists salons. You will also not be bothered with reaplication of the hair extensions, as it only applies to permanent methods. Always unbuckle the clip in hair before going to bed and fasten it again within a few minutes as needed.

clip in hair extensnions

Types of Clip in Hair Extensions

The Clip in method includes sets, individual wefts, bangs, strands and ponytails. Although the ponytails do not have clips, it is also a non-permanent self-application method.
Clip in sets contain 8 strips of different widths. They are very variable, you can fasten the belts as you need and they are suitable for daily wear as well as for wedding and other social hairstyles. We also offer the so-called Deluxe set, i.e.: two sets for a discounted price.
Individual Clip in wefts are suitable for fast thickening of your hair. The hair is sewn into one strip 27 cm wide. Bangs are a popular accessory that can completely change your image in a minute. You no longer have to cut your hair and wait a long time for it to grow back. You can easily change the style according to your mood and need, and you can also adjust the bangs to your liking.
Individual Clip in strands can enliven the hairstyle, add hair density in some places, highlight it, or you can try the principle of this method on them.
Clip in ponytails are very popular. The highly combed ponytail is practical and timeless. With this hairstyle you can go really anywhere. So if your own ponytail is not long and thick enough after combing, an extended ponytail is a right choice.

Clip in method hair extensions

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