Clip in bangs

Since everyone has a different size forehead, the clip-on bangs are 6" long. You will need to have them cut to the length and shape you desire.

Step 1:

Snip off the tag so it doesn't get in your way or show when worn. Wet the entire piece and comb straight. Unsnap the comb by bending up on the edges.

Back-comb (tease, rat) your own the hair where the clip will attach in the front bang area. Slide the clip under the back-combed hair and snap shut by bending the edges back down. Additional bobbie pins or toupee tape may be used to help secure piece if it feels loose. Most people find it stays quite well with just the one clip once the bangs are cut.

Step 2:

Make sure to clip the piece about 1 or 2 inches from the front hairline. The hair will be too long and hang into your face until it is cut the right length.

Resist the temptation to clip it back farther in order to "shorten" the bangs. This is incorrect and will make the bangs look thin and sparse.

Step 3:

Loosely hold hair and trim hair to length desired. Do not pull them down tight or they will be shorter than you want them when they bounce back up. Also, wet bangs will shrink when dry, so leave them longer than you think they should be.

If you are unsure, have them cut by a professional stylist.

Step 4:

Fan out and style as you would your own bangs. Since the pieces are human hair, curling or flat irons, rollers, blow dryer, hair spray, etc. may be used.

Once they are cut to desired length, they are easy to reuse, over and over. It only takes a few seconds to clip them on and off.